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Foot in mouth approach to PR

Francis Maude, all foot in mouth these days, really should know better. He was once chairman at a very large PR company where I worked (not that we mere minions had much to do with him) so you would hope he had a bit of knowledge. If he has talents, they are well and truly hidden.

In sending out his 'don't panic' message on fuel prices, he has done a Corporal Jones, and induced entirely the opposite reaction - even though no-one can go on strike for a fortnight at least. So we all shell out to fill our tanks, with the happy side-effect for the government of increasing its VAT revenue, but we will have to do so again if there is a strike.

Last time this happened, I went to work by train and it will always be my default mode of transport, along with the humble but brilliant bicycle.

Enjoy the queueing!

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