about us

You need a high degree of professionalism and experience with a realistic pricing structure and a focus on quantifiable results. That is what we do.

We help you talk to the people you need to talk to. That can be anyone from your staff to your suppliers, customers to potential customers, shareholders to other influential bodies

Each communication need is different and our approach is to match the message and the medium to your requirements

HCK Comms A greener business

HCK Communications is striving to be
greener business

All electricity used in its offices comes from the UK’s only fully sustainable supplier, Good Energy (www.good-energy.co.uk). The primary source of this electricity is wind turbines.

Each year the business will offset the carbon emissions from its car mileage and train travel through the planting of trees with the Carbon Neutral Company(www.carbonneutral.com)

All paper sourced for printing purposes comes from sustainable forests, managed according to Forestry Stewardship Council(www.fsc-uk.org) standards.

At a more simple level, we e-mail and PDF documents which can be viewed on screen. And all very local travel is done by good, old-fashioned bicycle.